(in progress) offline-os is a project to provide an alternative to internet access. we are making a download, USB stick, portable hard drive, and raspberry pi image, any of which can provide most knowledge people today need internet access for. the current plan is to have a small server which serves content as webpages. this can be for local browsing (just you) or be made available to anyone (network server).

currently we are in the 'collecting data' and 'prototyping' phase. if you would like to help please contact me. todo progress

offline-os subprojects

libgen-text is a collection of 4 million books (see library genesis below), re-packaged as text only. this lets all books fit on a single hard drive, usb stick, or microsd/tf card.
libgen-crystal is a program that's part of libgen-text. it lets you quickly search for and read books.

libgen-text and libgen-crystal are ready for use. some books (ones that are basically text, like history or fiction) are readable. others (math, physics) do not convert to text well.

you need to download both libgen-crystal (the browser) and libgen-text (the actual books).
libgen-crystal.zip (.exe, readme, source code, .sql database). 34MB.
libgen-text (.txt books, .csv library catalog). 1.2TB.